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*Participants will receive continuing education credit at Houston Community College at completion!

***************************************************   The APPATHON@HCC is essentially a hackathon, with a twist! 

Student App Showcase: Celebrate Ingenuity

A ONE-day weekend gathering of high school and college students & teams organized to address specifically defined challenges!

Students using a fast-paced ‘hackathon” methodology will be introduced to a global issue by subject matter experts. Students will choose a challenge to address, receive mentoring and feedback in generating an app showcase and integrated solutions, and present their app ideas to a set of judges for cash awards and recognition, all on the same day!

Basically, after students work together brainstorming, planning, and prototyping an app, they will create a presentation that they’ll pitch to a panel of judges during the showcase. The event concludes with the recognition of students and a celebration of all participants!

So at the APPATHON@HCC, you can do anything from design an app and showcase your ingenuity by making something uniquely creative based on a given theme of Health Tech and Climate Tech Teams can consist of 1-5 members and you will have approximately 3 hours to create something amazing! and Yes, you can do it by yourself, but it won’t be the same!

Hackathons, like the APPATHON@HCC, are a can’t miss experience! You can learn something new, make something that the world has never seen before, and win some amazing cash prizes!


(subject to change)


8:30 am (CDT)
Check-in & Orientation
9 am

Official Kick-Off & Welcome

Speakers Lineup

Climate Tech Track

9:05 AM: Juliana Garaizar
Vice President of Innovation  & Head of Greentown Labs Houston at Greentown Labs

9:15 AM: Scott Gale
Executive Director at Halliburton Labs, Board Member at Jones Graduate College of Business, Rice University

Health Tech Track

9:30 AM Dr. Aaron Enten
Co-Founder at Insight Optics

9:45 AM Dr. Dipty Desai
Board Member at TiE Silicon Valley, Health SIG Convener at TiECon

Appathon Challenges Announced

10 am
(Skills build)

Presented by HCC Digital & Information Technology Faculty

DigiCom Chair: Professor Andre Hermann
Apple Fellows: Professors Shilpa Phanse & Carolyn Tan
Programming Chair: Professor Anci Shah

11 am
Team Building & Collaboration on Remo APPATHON EVENT


Session A:
12:30 pm to 1 pm

Session B:
1:15 pm to 1:45 pm

Session C:
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm


Session A
Design Thinking Workshop by Summer Reeves
Director of Innovation Center, Accenture

Session B
Pitch Presentation by David Regenbaum
Board Chairman, HCC Foundation

Session C
Innovation Thinking by Dr. Stuart J. Corr
Director of Innovation Systems Engineering, Houston Methodist

All Projects Due by 3 pm

Submit before Presentations before 3 pm!

Final call for Project submission, all projects due!!
Submission Link:

> 3 pm

Community Showcase
(Open to the Public: Shared on YouTube Live: ZOOM:

4 pm

Distinguished Judges to review submissions

Evaluation of Top Projects by Track

Track A Judges:

  • Jennifer Dame - Apple
  • Sri Vasireddy - REAN Foundation
  • Maya Durnovo - HCC
  • Nakia Melecio - Georgia Bio
  • Mihir Parikh ( Track Moderator)
  • Samir Saber (Track Admin)

Track B Judges:

  • Dr. Amy Henry - Eunike Ventures
  • Dr. Sunny Zhang - Z Labs
  • Bilikis Adebayo - Green Town Labs
  • Sunny Kaila - IT BY DESIGN
  • Jay Parmar (Track Moderator)
  • Ravi Brahmbhatt (Track Admin)
5 pm Awards Ceremony
Cash Prize Winners Announced!


Health Tech Track Climate Tech Track

Dr. Dipty Desai

Dipty is the Head of USISPF (WestCoast), is on the Board of TiE Silicon Valley. A Venture Partner at, an advisor to Healthcare startups. She chairs TIE Global Health Initiative, TiEcon Health track.  Dipty carried out her PhD on cancer research at UCSF and her post-doc on genomics at Stanford University. Her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and solving problems that impact the world has led her to work with entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of science and technology.

Scott Dale

Scott works to help startups navigate the commercial and technical landscape of the energy transition. As Executive Director at Halliburton Labs, he was responsible for launching the organization in 2020 and currently oversees Investments and External Engagements while hyper-focused on building the clean energy community in Houston and around the world. He actively supports multiple startup organizations as a mentor, advisor, and investor. Scott firmly believes that cultivating a thriving startup community starts with trust and inclusion.

Dr. Aaron Enten

Aaron is an experienced CEO and CTO of Insight Optics.  At Insight Optics, goals are to increase compliance rates by bringing trained ophthalmologists to the point of primary care. Thus increasing the screening, diagnostic, and monitoring capabilities at the primary level while providing patients with earlier disease detection and treatment options.


Juliana Garaizar

Juliana is an experienced global executive and general manager with demonstrated success working with entrepreneurs in angel investment, venture capital, and private equity across multiple industry sectors including med-tech, cleantech, fintech, consumer, and impact. She is the head of the Greentown Labs Houston and VP of Innovation for Greentown Labs.


"Committed to the pursuit of excellence in Medical Innovation and Research."

Dr. Stuart Corr
Houston Methodist & Pumps & Pipes

"Build Awareness! Inspire Action! Entrepreneurship is a kind and helpful profession!"

Ravi Brahmbhatt
Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director Houston Community College

"I joined Houston Community College where I am the Entrepreneur in Residence at the West Houston College, the President of the Houston Community College Foundation, and serve on the faculty of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program."

David Regenbaum
HCC Foundation

"I’ve always been passionate about design, technology, and innovation. As the leader of Accenture's Houston Innovation Center, my teams connect with clients daily to better understand current pain points/challenges, immerse them in the art of the possible, and show them how technology might be applied to reimage the future of their business."

Summer Reeves

"I manage investor relations and operations of venture capital in early-stage technology companies run by the best entrepreneurial minds in the world"

Dr. Paul Lopez
TiE University Co-Chair & Co-Founder & Partner of 11-11 Ventures

"A business storyteller. Founder of Prezantim Presentation Design. We have helped 250+ startups from across domains and continents to tell their stories in a more impactful way."

Pradeep Yuvaraj


Samir Sabir
HCC Continuing Education

Shilpa Phanse
HCC Apple Fellow

Carolyn Tan
HCC Apple Fellow

Andre Hermann
HCC DigiCom Chair
Anci Shah
HCC Programming Chair

Presented by HCC Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, TiE University, University of St. Thomas, and HCC Digital and Information Technology, and Green Town Labs. Together we are hosting a one-day virtual hackathon for current and aspiring students to showcase APP Ideas, Celebrate Ingenuity.  Designing apps is a great way for students to work together to solve problems in our school or community. And we want to give aspiring coders a chance to celebrate their ingenuity as they present their ideas and share their solutions with peers, families, teachers, and the community.



REQUIRED in Presentation: A Visual Concept of the APP showcase (wireframes/layout & app flow)

There is no team size limit, but at least one team member must be enrolled in HCC Continuing Education (CE) Course Credit for APP-A-THON:


 (Note: Students participating in the APP-A-THON CE Course will automatically be enrolled in a Continuing Education Course at HCC)


Participants: Individuals enrolled at Houston Community College
Teams, require one member to be enrolled at Houston Community College

  • Cash Scholarship Awards only valid only for Countries: United States America

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,000 in prizes

1st Place (Per Track) (2)

2nd Place (Per Track) (2)

3rd Place (Per Track) (2)

People's Choice (Per Track) (2)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jennifer Dame

Jennifer Dame

Dr. Amy Henry

Dr. Amy Henry
Eunike Ventures

Sri Vasireddy

Sri Vasireddy
Co-Founder & CEO, REAN Foundation

Dr. Sandeep Bordoloi

Dr. Sandeep Bordoloi
Co-Founder, Z Lab Global

Dr. Maya Durnovo

Dr. Maya Durnovo
Houston Community College

Bilikis Adebayo

Bilikis Adebayo
Green Town Labs

Nakia Melecio

Nakia Melecio
Georgia Bio

Sunny Kaila

Sunny Kaila

Samir Saber (Track Admin)

Samir Saber (Track Admin)
Houston Community College

Ravi Brahmbhatt (Track Admin)

Ravi Brahmbhatt (Track Admin)
Houston Community College

Dr. Mihir Parikh (Track Moderator)

Dr. Mihir Parikh (Track Moderator)
Faculty, NYU Tandon

Jay Parmar (Track Moderator)

Jay Parmar (Track Moderator)
President, Infosoft, Inc.

Judging Criteria

  • Originality & Innovation (Pitch Content)
    (1-2 points): Shares basic information (3-5 points): +Explanation of the app’s purpose and design & user needs (6-8 points): +Explanation of the problem, demand, and how app design meets user needs (9-10 points): +Persuasive pitch with evidence.
  • Overall Presentation (Pitch Delivery)
    1-2 points): Informational, (3-5 points): +Confident, enthusiastic, (6-8 points): +Engaging, Visuals to support story; team contributions (9-10 points): +Creative, Memorable Storytelling
  • Interface & Design (User Interface)
    (1-2 points): Clear Branding (3-5 points): +functional design (6-8 points): +Elegant, concise, color, layout, readability, & navigation (9-10 points): +Empowers the user to interact with content; animation, seamless engaging experience
  • Impact (User Experience)
    (1-2 points): Clear intent; users can accomplish a goal (3-5 points): +Consistent, Navigation; intuitive (6-8 points): + Adaptable, addresses accessibility, privacy, and security (9-10 points): +Innovative, delightful; new experience!
  • Technical Difficulty (Coding Concepts)
    (1-2 points): Explains General App (3-5 points): + Functionality, coding concepts, touch types explained (6-8 points): + Coding tasks necessary to build the app (9-10 points): +Architecture, data structure, algorithms, and features.

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